Frozen Treat Frenzy

Do you like fun games that you get to use your mind? Then you have found the right game for that. Play for free  Frozen Treat Frenzy.  There are over 100 Challenging Levels, providing you with hours of non-stop entertainment. Not only is this game incredibly fun, but it will challenge, stimulate, and build your grain function. It is highly recommended and exciting. This game is also great for all ages. It will make you crave more and more a treat or more. Have time standing in lines, waiting in your car or at the airport or on a flight, or maybe just spending some down time relaxing and want to play a little game. This is the perfect way to do it.

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Frozen Treat Frenzy

Simple Rules, you have a certain number of moves in order to create your own frozen treats; once you get to a certain score or goal. The bigger the match the more candy scores you will receive. You may even set off a chain reaction of candies. Play Frozen Treat Frenzy.

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