Deep Sea Gold Rush

Here is another amazing mobile game.  It is addictive, as well as challenging.  This game is Deep Sea Gold Rush.  You can play competitively, you can, or you can simply just enjoy individual play.

This is a game requires skill, and quickness.  It is a timed game where you try to collect as much gold deep in the sea.  With predators moving back and forth to try and stop you from getting to your goal. The more gold you collect, the more cash you will earn.

You can also join Tournament Play – this allows you to gain more and more points win tickets that can be redeemed for actual prizes!

Deep Sea Gold Rush

Explore the ocean and mine the ocean floor in search of all the lost treasures and bounties that have been hidden there over the centuries. Underwater mining and treasure hunting have never been so much fun before. Underwater mining and treasure finding has never been so fun.

The treasures you will find include metals, coins, gemstones, even some loot hidden by pirates. This is a highly engaging game that will give you a great rush.

Deep Sea Gold Rush

• Explore the Deep Sea

Find Treasure

• Addictive Mining Game

• Collect Gold & other Gems

• Discover Lost Treasures

• And Much More…



• Highly addicting game!

• Wonderful graphics!

• Great game sounds during play!

• Challenging and fun filled levels!

• Different goals in each level!

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• Game play is 100% FREE!

• All age groups can play this Game!


Mobile & Tablet Compatible with: Deep Sea Gold Rush Deep Sea Gold Rush